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A brief history of the clutch bag (Pochette), the queen of evening bags

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e continue our fashion events with the undisputed queen of evening bags.

Delicate, chic but certainly not very comfortable. Let's find out the story of a much loved accessory: the clutch bag.

Also known as "clutch" (from the English verb grasp), the clutch is the most refined bag and suitable for a gallant dinner, a disco night or an important event.

Comfort is certainly not one of its main features: it is often so small that we can just put the indispensable right in it, but it's worth it.

Rigid, soft, in satin, in leather, embellished with jewels or simple and sober; there is one for all occasions and above all for all tastes ... Do not own at least one!

Various clutch bags grab via Cosmopolitan


et's discover together the interesting origin of this small and refined accessory.

We have witnessed this since the Middle Ages: women and men used small silk bags called lattices to transport private or valuable things. For security reasons, the lattices were encircled around the waist, possibly hidden under the coat; in short it was not really an accessory to put on display at the time ...

Things change at the end of the '700: the lattices (in French poches) become the prerogative of the feminine genre and become increasingly sought after and graceful, becoming an object not only functional but also decorative.

French women used them to put some objects they considered essential: a bottle of perfume, needle and thread, salts in case of sudden fainting and so on.

A medieval scarsella, grab via Pinterest

Later, hand in hand with the growing emancipation of the female figure, the bags become more comfortable and more capacious (see, for example, the Carpet Bag, literally Miss Marple-style carpet bag).

It will be only with the advent of the elegant and threadlike flapper girls in the roaring 20s that a mini bag that does not clash with the elegant outfits of the time will be indispensable. It is in this context that the clutch is fished out and relaunched, becoming the most popular accessory for movie stars and high society girls.

Paradoxically, this bag for rich girls became very popular during World War II because of its size. With the rationing of assets one could barely get one's hands on the material needed to make a small clutch.


ince then, the clutch bag has not experienced periods of crisis: now more than ever it is considered a must-have accessory.

It is proposed by the most famous designers in various sizes and shapes, suitable for both women and men, both day and evening. The clutch is perfect with a long and elegant dress but also with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to add charm and sophistication to a simple outfit.

Louis Vuitton Paris clutch

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