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Arco lamp, Icon among the Icons

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e dedicate this appointment to the Arco Lamp, the icon designed by the Castiglioni brothers who revolutionized the world of lighting.

Inspired by the classic street lamps, it was born from the need to create a mobile light point from above that was not tied to a suspension lighting system.

The base of the lamp consists of a white marble parallelepiped of about 65 kg with a hole.

Nothing is left to chance: the base is made of marble because for the same weight it is decidedly less bulky than concrete (as well as aesthetically more pleasant), the corners are rounded in order to avoid colliding with the little finger…

The hole is instead designed as a trick to easily transport the lamp: just insert a broom handle and two people can easily move it.

The arm (the actual arch) consists of three sections in U-section stainless steel section which, sliding one inside the other, allow to lengthen or shorten the length.

This system makes Arco modular; the positioning of the reflector can also be placed at three different heights.

Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

The lampshade is at a distance of more than 2 meters from the base, therefore a large dining table and chairs can easily be placed under it.


e thought of a lamp that projected light onto the table: there were already some, but we had to turn around.

In order to leave space around the table, the base had to be at least two meters away.

Thus was born the idea of ​​the arch: we wanted to do it with pieces already on the market, and we found that the curved steel section was fine.

Then there was the problem of counterweight: it took a heavy mass to support everything.

PWe thought of cement first, but then we chose marble because for the same weight it allowed us a smaller footprint and therefore in relation to a greater finish a lower cost.

Arco lamp in our Cambiago shop

It is extremely versatile and practical, yet, thanks to its refined and discreet beauty, Arco stands out in any type of furniture, giving elegance and taste to the environment.


t is one of the most imitated (and plagiarized) industrial design products ever.

The Flos-Semeraro lawsuit was historic and led to a change in the rules on copyright. Semeraro produced lamps very similar to Arco in China by selling them under the name "Fluida".

The company claimed to be able to copy the lamps because in the meantime the rights for Arco had expired and had therefore become public.

FLOS instead claimed that Arco was not only an industrial product but a work of art. In 2007 the Court recognized the protection of copyright, as happens for works of art, also to design objects.


he brainchild of a pair of truly exceptional designers (8 gold compasses, a gold compass for his career and 16 mentions) Arco is not only a work of art, it is a real cult object.

Appeared in an indefinite number of films from the 60s onwards (including the unforgettable appearance in 007 "A Cascade of Diamonds"), this lamp is still today one of the most loved and desired design pieces by far.

As always we are already working on next week's appointment: if you have any suggestions or suggestions, they are welcome.

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