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Art as Collectibles and Investment

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uying a work of art is an extremely rewarding experience that can also prove to be an excellent investment.

Emotionality and instinct play an important role in directing towards one work rather than another; however it cannot be ignored that an investment of this type could entail an economic sacrifice that must be evaluated with extreme prudence and lucidity.


irst of all, let's dispel the myth that art is a luxury item reserved for a restricted elite.

In fact, there are many small and medium-sized investments in this field.

Between 100,000 and 200,000 works of art are sold at auction for less than € 10,000 and about 80% of the lots are accessible for less than € 5,000. This demonstrates the fact that it is not necessary to have exorbitant amounts to access the market.

The entrepreneur Emil Georg Bührle, a great collector of works of art (especially impressionist and modern)


rt belongs (together with gold and brick) to the category of so-called "safe havens", that is those goods that are purchased in moments of economic uncertainty because they are able to preserve their value over time, if not even increase it.

This is a safe investment to protect (and possibly thrive) your savings. In addition, art represents an investment whose curve is independent of the performance of other investments (such as raw materials, bonds and stocks).

For this reason, many decide to invest in this field: it is an excellent solution to diversify your portfolio and reduce its overall risk.

However, it is necessary to act with caution and keep in mind the particularities of the art market: it is a market that presents risks that are not always foreseeable and is fueled by privileged information. In this regard, Banksy's work in auction at Sotheby's - awarded for over a million pounds - which "self-destructed" a moment after being sold.

Banksy shows kow he rehearsed Art-Shredding stunt after $1.4 Million Auction


oreover, investing in art means making an investment in the medium to long term: patience, prudence and foresight are needed.

Let's not forget that it will not always be possible to resell the work at the time and under the desired conditions.

Therefore do your considerations well before deciding to make an investment of this type.

Invest in Art


etermining the value of an exceptional and unique asset as a work of art is complex and depends on numerous variables.

These are the fundamental factors to consider before purchasing a work: the author, the period, the subject and the size of the work, its uniqueness, its state of conservation, the reliability of the attribution , the origin, any publications and the exhibition curriculum.

The price of the work is also determined by non-negligible external variables, for example the methods of sale, the tax regulation and the right to move, the taste of the moment and the liquidity on the financial markets.

The Collector


inding information is imperative and essential, it is better not to risk it if the situation is not clear.

Once you have taken the necessary precautions to protect yourself from various fakes and rip-offs, you can let yourself go to emotions and trust your instincts. Let's not forget that the main function of art is to inspire noble feelings and make us feel good.

Furthermore, choosing what you like is never wrong.

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