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The Tie: origins, knots & some advice

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irst vintage event dedicated to men's fashion with the undisputed protagonist of the male wardrobe: the tie.

Let's take a step back and discover the origins of this beloved accessory.

Although many claim the authorship of the invention of the modern tie, the most accredited hypothesis sees the Croats as the first creators.

To confirm this theory is the same etymology of the word: tie derives from the French "cravate", a Frenchization of "hrvat" which means precisely Croatian.

In the seventeenth century, Croatian mercenaries who fought alongside the French army during the Thirty Years War wore this particular accessory to repair the throat from the cold.

Louis XIV with tie-scarf

They did not go unnoticed: the Sun King himself, who at the time was only 7 years old, was inspired by the tie of the Croats (declining it in a very refined way) and launched a real fashion. From then on, the use of the tie became imperative for every respectable man, establishing himself over the centuries as a real status symbol.

To date, fashion seems to become increasingly casual and informal, relegating ties, hats, gloves and other accessories (once essential) to dandy habits or accessories to be worn exclusively on important occasions. It is undeniable, however, that a man who wears a beautiful tie has something extra: it immediately expresses respectability, seriousness and elegance.

By following some small precautions you can still wear your tie in everyday life without being too sought after or worse, clumsy.

Various types of ties used in the past


et's see together how to choose the right tie.

Let's start with the color: as a rule, the tie should be darker than the shirt, having said that, if you choose the solid color, focus on the quality of the fabric so as not to be sloppy or banal.

If you choose a nice patterned tie, be careful not to choose excessively whimsical prints (the risk of slipping into the tacky is around the corner) and combine it with a simple shirt, possibly in a solid color.

As far as fabrics are concerned, the most luxurious and elegant one is silk. For a simple everyday look you can opt for cotton, linen and why not, wool.


et's move on to a thorny issue: the knot.

Not everyone is able to tie the tie flawlessly. While there are 177,147 ways (ascertained by mathematical models) to tie the tie, the most common ones are the simple knot, also known as "Four-in-hand" and the "Half Windsor" knot.

The "Four-in-hand" is the four-step knot, perfect for every day.

The "Half Windsor", six-step knot, decidedly more voluminous and full-bodied, is suitable for special occasions.

One last factor to consider in choosing the perfect tie is your physicality: those who are slim can opt for a slim model, a more robust man must prefer larger models.

Also take into account your height: knotted, the tie should just touch the belt.


nyone who wants to stand out with a refined and refined look can jump immediately on vintage.

For originality of the patterns and quality of workmanship there is nothing better than a beautiful retro tie: just think of the splendid and elegant patterns of Ferragamo or Hermès...

If you too share our love for vintage clothing, you are looking for clothes and accessories with a story, we are waiting for you in the vintage section of our site for a wonderful journey into the past.

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