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Vintage VS Fast Fashion

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or some time now we have been hearing more and more insistently about concepts such as "sustainability", "critical consumption" and "environmental impact" (let's finally add!).

In a world dominated by throwaway and fast fashion, a glimmer of hope can be glimpsed: the concrete possibility of reversing the trend and reducing our footprint on the planet.

The so-called "fast fashion" industry is made up of companies that offer several collections a year at more than affordable prices.

It goes without saying that to support these rhythms, the production sites are located in third world countries, where labor has very low prices and workers' rights are non-existent.

In addition to a modus operandi that cannot be shared, mainly based on labor exploitation, we must also take into account the environmental damage caused by "fast fashion".

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The textile industry sector is, according to the most recent reports, among the most polluting for our planet. Of course this news is not surprising if we think that 14 million tons of used clothes and fabrics are thrown away every year in the world, of which only 16% is recycled (To learn more: - "Quanto inquina la moda: se vestirsi è un problema ambientale" via"The environmental costs of fast fashion" via The Independent).

Textile Waste: photo by Reuters

The psychological power exercised by these fashion giants is great: we consumers are led to buy low quality garments, which we don't need, seduced by the illusion of low-cost, in an endless vicious circle.

Thanks to the ease we have in accessing information and the growing search for alternatives to this rampant consumerism, getting out of this perspective and reaching more responsible choices is possible.


ne of the most effective ways to stop foraging this system is offered by the secondhand and secondhand market, a rapidly growing reality internationally.

Re-use, recycling and recovery are high-impact actions that we can take both individually and at the community level.

At Di Mano in Mano these actions are part of our everyday life and are the basis of our idea of ​​"degrowth" towards an economic and financial system aimed at minimizing resource consumption and waste production, which reduces waste, increases the lifespan of objects and recycles the raw materials contained in those that have been discarded. This is a voluntary move towards a fair, participatory and ecologically sustainable society.

Are you Ego or Eco?

In addition to the ecological aspect of reuse, it is really nice to think of giving new life to objects or garments parked in our homes for years; discover that what is useless for me can become a treasure for someone else (and vice versa).

Working in this sector or simply participating in this "circular economy" system is very rewarding (by the way, take a look here). Our effort in this regard is constant and we try to offer a wide choice of used, quality and competitive prices.

Even those who don't want to give up being "trendy" can be amazed here by us: we work with big fashion brands, from which we acquire large quantities of clothing, which given the enormous production would remain unsold or worse would be destroyed.

In our warehouses the goods are scrupulously analyzed and re-evaluated to offer a selection of new, fashionable and more than halved items.

Let's not forget our vintage selection: a sector that is especially loved by young people. Playing with clothing or accessories from the past is fun and gives uniqueness and character to our looks.

If you too share our love for vintage clothing, you are looking for clothes and accessories with a story, we are waiting for you in the vintage section of our site for a wonderful journey into the past.

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